Friday, June 29, 2012

I've been a little lost

It's been four months since I've written here on the blog. Life just seems to take over so quickly with my work schedule, trying to supplement our income with Ebay, DeWayne's doctor appointments and all of the other things that crop up on a daily basis.

My mom retired this last week and that's been some adjustment for all of us. We moved in with my mom in 2006 to help take care of my brother that was paralyzed due to a staph infection. He passed away in 2007 but we continued to live here with her. Every time we talked about moving out and getting an apartment, she never seemed to like the idea of that. She had been used to having someone live with her for the last few years and I think she was scared to be living by herself. When DeWayne went back on dialysis last June, we had decided this year we were going to move out and get a place of our own. When they deliver his dialysis supplies, it's between 40-60 boxes of fluid and other supplies. So, that has taken over the living room. But, since she decided to retire this month, it looks like the moving out will be placed on hold. At least until she can get a little bit more settled financially. It's a good thing we all get along.

DeWayne's health is doing fair. With the summer, it's so easy for him to get dehydrated. So, we have to watch his fluid balance closer. We're waiting to hear back from UAB about his bladder surgery. They had wanted to plan it for this summer. The urologist there told us he would have to have the bladder augmentation surgery before they would put him on the active kidney transplant list. So, it's just a waiting game.