Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Simple Living

Well, once again it has been some time since I have posted on here. Life just tends to get in the way sometimes. But, hopefully I am back again. Today is Father-In-Law Day. I never got the opportunity to meet mine. DeWayne's father died when he was just a child. He and his sister Lea went to go and live with their grandparents, which was just down the road. They spent a lot of time with them even before he passed away. They were more like their parents than grandparents. I once told DeWayne that if he hadn't been raised by his them, I probably wouldn't have ever given him a chance. I was raised with old fashioned values and that's what I wanted in a husband. We lead a very simple life and I believe our raising has a lot to do with that. There needs to be more simple living in this nation.