Monday, December 6, 2010

Annika...such a blessing in my life.

On October 7th, 2003 the most amazing blessing entered our lives...Annika Rei Glover. DeWayne and I were never able to have children of our own. So, Annika has become the closest thing to being parents we've ever been blessed with. Anyone that knows Annika knows she came into this world as a firecracker...and continues to this day. Her parents have been very dear friends of know the kind that you consider family for about 15 years now.

They are going through the most heart-wrenching situation right now that I believe a parent ever could. Annika was diagnosed on Sunday, November 28th with a brain tumor. She was immediately sent down to Children's Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. On Tuesday, November 30th she had surgery to remove the tumor. The surgeon was able to remove 99% of the tumor. At this time, six days later we're waiting on the biopsy results. Hopefully, we will get the results today. I hope and pray as so many others do that it comes back benign. But through our faith and belief in God that He will carry us all through this matter what the results are, we will all persevere together.

I have been so overwhelmed and in awe of the outpouring of love for this family. As Grady said, "There really is good people out there." I am so overjoyed that there are others out there that love the Glovers as much as I do.

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