Friday, January 13, 2017

Gundy the Bear

Most of us as a child, had a blanket or a stuffed animal that psychologists term as a "transitional object". A transitional object is something that children cling to that makes them feel safe and secure. Some people feel that it is a bridge gap between the mother and the child. My object was a Gund bear that I named Gundy. I know very original, huh? Gundy was bought by my parents when I was about 9 months old on my first trip to Walt Disney World.

I carried Gundy everywhere I went up until about the age of 10. My most memorable memory I have with Gundy was on my second trip to Walt Disney World. I was six years old. The morning we left heading home, we had been gone from the hotel for about 30 minutes. I started looking frantically in the car for Gundy. He was nowhere to be found. My dad turned the car around and we drove back to the hotel. As I am wailing in the car, my dad walks back into the hotel and speaks to the manager. They walked back to our room, which of course the linens had already been pulled out and sent to the laundry. The manager took our information and promised my dad that if he was found, he would mail Gundy to us. I was so distraught, I just knew I would never see him again. I thought Gundy would be so lonesome without me. But, what I really knew deep down was that I was lost without him. About two weeks later, who shows up in the mailbox...that's right Gundy had made his way home and was safe at last. Now, that's what I call customer service!

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