Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Beginning of DeWayne's Vanderbilt Journey

Well, today was the beginning of DeWayne's Vanderbilt Transplant Center's Journey. DeWayne has been listed at UAB for the last 1-1/2 years. Which he had his first kidney transplant at UAB back in 1999. That kidney worked great lacking one month being twelve years. We never had any complaints at all about their program. We still don't. The reason we're pursuing a transplant at Vanderbilt now is their wait time is considerably less than UAB. UAB has a wait time of 6-8 years and Vanderbilt is 3-5 years. If they approve DeWayne and place him on the list, then we will be able to transfer his time from UAB to Vanderbilt which will put him higher on the list. The fact that he's had a previous transplant will also put him higher on the list because once you've had a transplant you're harder to match due to antibodies. It seems like a very overwhelming process, but they've made it much easier. So, hopefully we'll hear something soon.

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