Saturday, January 12, 2013

Wishing for Love all through the Year

Well, the Holidays have come and gone. They crept up on me again this year. It seems the older I get, the quicker the year goes by. Before long, it will be time to celebrate Valentine's Day. I do so love the holidays but Valentine's isn't one of my favorites. I love the decorations but not the particular day. Don't get me wrong....anyone that knows me, knows that DeWayne is my life. But, I hate the fact that so many people take this one time and maybe their anniversary every year to let the love of their life know how they feel.  D you know how I know that DeWayne loves me beyond measure? It's not because he tells me ten times a day. It's because of the little things. Just last night for instance....he was eating pistachios and he LOVES pistachios. I love them too, but it's difficult for me to open them. So, DeWayne surprised me with bringing me a handful of shelled pistachios. That's just one of the examples of his love for me. I just wish people in general would show their love for one another every day of the year like DeWayne and I do.

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